Preview of February 2023 CPI Release

Posted 02/13/2023 cpi January 2023 Odyssey

Preview of February 2023 CPI Release

CPI Tracking: Preview of January CPI Data


With the full-month data for January 2023, we estimate that Food at Home monthly inflation accelerated by ~27 bps, slightly less than what we observed in our early mid-month preview.

We observed accelerations across the board in all major categories. Compared to our early preview note, we observe weaker acceleration in Meats, poultry and eggs.

Our observation was heavily influenced by seasonal promotions that our retail partners implemented near the holidays in December ’22, followed by the recovery in prices in January ’23.

On an annual basis, owing in part to the base effect, we expect Food at Home's annual inflation to continue receding to ~11.08% in January '23, from the pace of 11.8% in December.

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CPI Preview Data

Monthly Inflation Date (as of 2023-02-12)Dec 2022 Actual (Reported)LowerMidpointUpperDirection
Cereals & Bakery Products0.18%0.02%0.22%0.42%Accel
Dairy & related Products0.03%(0.10%)0.10%0.30%Accel
Fruits & Vegetables(0.09%)(0.15%)0.05%0.25%Accel
Meat, Poultry, Fish, & Eggs0.32%0.28%0.48%0.68%Accel
Food At Home Component0.27%0.34%0.54%0.74%Accel


Using the Odyssey retail point of sale dataset we have constructed some estimated CPI forecasts based on a simple and robust filtering and scoring methodology. We plan on releasing category and brand level insights bi-monthly.

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