Preview: $CLX FQ4 Estimates - Sharp Organic Sales Growth (H&W Segment)

Posted 8/2/2022 Clorox Odyssey Earnings

Preview: $CLX FQ4 Estimates - Sharp Organic Sales Growth (H&W Segment)

Using our updated Odyssey2 panel, our data science team has analyzed 2022 FQ4 sales of $CLX brands to arrive at a preview of Clorox's upcoming earnings call.


DecaData’s data panel shows sharp acceleration in Organic Sales Growth for CLX Health & Wellness segment, for 2022 FQ4 as compared to FQ3. This was driven by a strong acceleration (~300bps) in the pace of Pricing YoY, as well as a continuing recovery (~100bps) in the pace of Volume YoY for this segment, compared to FQ3.

We also observe relatively flat / slightly accelerating Organic Sales Growth for the Household segment, which was partially offset by deceleration in Organic Sales Growth for the Lifestyle segment. This combined with the strong acceleration in Health & Wellness to suggest that CLX’s overall Organic Sales Growth might surprise to the upside.

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Forecast Data

​​Odyssey 2 data best lends itself to measuring and modeling CLX’s Health and Wellness segment. We are forecasting slight accel in organic sales year-on-year, driven strong accel of Pricing YoY and moderate volume growth YoY.

Ticker CLX

SegmentMetricActual 2022 FQ3ODY Estimates 2022 FQ4LowerMidpointUpperDirection
CLX Health & WellnessOrganic sales YoY(3.0%)0.2%1.0%1.5%Accel
CLX Health & WellnessPricing YoY(3.0%)(0.5%)0.0%0.5%Accel
CLX Health & WellnessVolume YoY0.0%0.2%0.7%1.2%Accel

Health and Wellness Segment Organic Sales Chart

CLX Health Wellness Organic Sales

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